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Places are always undergoing change. Today the North Pennines is a beautiful unspoilt area of sweeping heather clad moors, picturesque dales and small villages, which belies its past at the heart of the country's lead mining industry. More recently, within living memory, the heavy industrial landscapes of the Tyne and Tees have visibly changed as the Region continues this process of reinvention.

Gone are the shipyards and coalmines and working quaysides. In their place we have witnesses a strong drive to regenerate areas through retail, via new industry or culturally, think of the Angel of the North, Beamish Museum or the Newcastle Gateshead Quaysides.

The places in this theme all demonstrate the ability of the Region to continue creating new symbols of identity and pride.


Map of the Newcastle upon Tyne Electric Supply Co Ltd (NESCo) and The County of Durham Electrical Power Distribution Co Ltd electric power distribution network, about 1907

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