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What did the North East ever do for us ... apart from the mass distribution of electricity to our factories and homes, and the electric light bulb of course ...

Much of the progress which occurred in the generation and distribution of electricity in the early 20th century was the work of Charles Merz of the Newcastle upon Tyne Electric Supply Company who pioneered the idea of a central power station supplying current on an industrial scale, at first changing the face of industry and eventually the lives of everyone.

Before Merz, Joseph Wilson Swan pioneered the development of the filament for the first practical incandescent electric lamp. His house was the first to be wired for electricity. Sir William Armstrong took the invention to Cragside. Mosley Street in Newcastle has claims to be the first street to be lit by electric light.


Map of the Newcastle upon Tyne Electric Supply Co Ltd (NESCo) and The County of Durham Electrical Power Distribution Co Ltd electric power distribution network, about 1907

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