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St George’s Church, Jesmond

Tyne and Wear


Charles Mitchell was a highly successful shipbuilder. He owned the Low Walker Yard on the Tyne and went into partnership with Lord Armstrong. He lived in Jesmond Towers and in 1888 he provided a new church for Jesmond. His architect was T.R.Spence, secretary of the Newcastle Arts Association with no clear record as a designer. The church is magnificent, however, tall and splendid with a huge Italianate tower.

Inside, the decoration is gorgeous. It is all in Arts and Crafts style, even approaching Art Nouveau. It is rich and imaginative; brilliant in colour, design and execution. There is wonderful stained glass, mosaics, metalwork, carved stone and woodwork, all remarkably modern and forward thinking for 1888. But the most telling thing of all is that every one of the designers and manufacturers was from Newcastle or North-East based.

The church is a brilliant showcase of local talent.

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