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Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens


Military, Landscape / Sculpture

Rarely do you find a Grade I listed garden, building, castle and scheduled monument located together as at Belsay Estate. The fact that the individual elements of the site are each given the highest levels of state protection is testament to their national importance.

Home to the Middleton family over seven centuries, Belsay is remarkable for its architectural and horticultural legacy.

Belsay Castle is one of the best surviving examples of fortified towers built along the Anglo-Scottish border during the turbulent Middle Ages. The design of its great fortified tower stood as a symbol of family pride as well as demonstrating the fear of unrest that prevailed in this border region.

Belsay Hall is a later masterpiece and a fine example of neoclassical architecture and design, inspired by the temples of ancient Greece. Whilst Belsay Gardens are amongst the finest picturesque gardens in the country - with a unique microclimate that allows plants to be grown beyond their normal northern limit.

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