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Lindisfarne Castle & Garden


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This romantic castle on Holy Island is one of the iconic images of the North East.

Built in 1545, this dramatic Tudor fort appears to grow out of a rocky outcrop. Constructed using stone from the nearby abandoned priory it was intended to protect the northernmost harbour before the Scottish border.

However, it is its Edwardian renovation and garden which make the site so notable. The castle was bought at the turn of the last century by the owner of County Life magazine, Edward Hudson. He brought in one of the most influential partnerships of the Arts and Crafts movement - architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll - to convert the derelict castle to a holiday home. The castle hasn’t been altered much since.

Lindisfarne is an excellent example of where Lutyens imaginatively adapted the traditional architecture to the requirements of 20th century living. Whilst the small, sheltered walled garden demonstrates Jekyll's outstanding garden designs and subtle approach to the colours of flowers.

The castle was given to the National Trust in 1944.


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