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Home of ‘England’s greatest gardener’, the village of Kirkharle will forever be associated with Britain’s most famous landscape architect, Lancelot “Capability” Brown (1716-1783).

Capability Brown is renowned the world over for his designs for the estates of large country houses. He created picturesque natural looking landscapes rather than formally laid out gardens. These are characterised by carefully sited, but informal looking clumps of trees, pastures and ornamental lakes.

Born in this tiny village and educated at Cambo School, he learnt about gardening and landscapes by serving as a gardener's boy at Kirkharle Hall, the home of the Loraine family. Brown was involved in improving the landscaped grounds around the house in the 1770s and probably earlier too.

Other landscapes created by Brown in the North East can be seen at Alnwick Castle and Rothley Lake on the Wallington estate.

The Church of St. Wilfrid at Kirkharle, has a memorial to Brown in the nave.

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