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International Centre for Life

Tyne and Wear

Society , Intellectual life

The International Centre for Life in the middle of Newcastle has been characterised as a ‘science village’, describing the many companies, organisations, scientists, clinicians, educators and business people from all over the world that work in this distinct building, pursuing advances in the life sciences and educating the public about the joys and potential of science.

The Centre, designed by Sir Terry Farrell, was opened in 2000. It includes research and laboratory facilities, an educational visitor attraction and a conference centre.

Since it opened, the innovations in science made at the Centre have made worldwide headlines. In 2005, scientists based there were the first in the world to successfully make a human embryo following nuclear transfer.

Newcastle is now known as a Science City, one of only six Science Cities in the UK. This is in recognition of the world-class research being done here, especially in ageing and health, sustainability and in stem cells and regenerative medicine. The Centre for Life is a key part of this reputation.

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