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Infinity Bridge


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Some bridges take you across the river, others tell a story of the times in which they were built and the people whose lives they transformed. The Tees is blessed with bridges steeped in our ancient, medieval, ecclesiastical and industrial history.

Infinity Bridge is the newest bridge on the Tees, a pedestrian and cycle bridge. It links the North Shore development to the University of Durham's Queens Campus and Teesdale Business Park.

It opened in 2009, following a design competition won by Expedition Engineering and Spence Associates. 273 metres long and containing 450 tonnes of locally produced steel, the slender bowstring bridge cuts a distinctive silhouette as it skips across the River Tees like a pebble skimming water. The two asymmetrical arches create a reflection in the river forming the mathematical infinity symbol, hence its name.

Infinity Bridge forms the backdrop for many local events and festivals.

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