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Holy Trinity Church, Berwick upon Tweed



Holy Trinity was built in 1650. Churches of that date are incredibly rare in England, and that’s the first thing that makes it special.

In 1650 the Civil War was still raging and it was less than a year since Charles I had been executed. England was being ruled by the Puritans and church building had virtually come to a full stop.

The country’s Puritan leader left something of his own mark on the church’s design. Cromwell passed through Berwick on his way to attack Scotland (and the Battle of Dunbar) and he advised against adding a tower which would have been too ‘churchy’ a feature for the Puritans to stomach.

The second quality that makes Berwick special is the church’s fascinating mixture of Gothic and Classical styles – as if the builders knew they were part of the modern world but still wanted to connect themselves to the certainties of the medieval world.

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