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Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum



Based in the former North Road Station, this museum tells the story of the North Eastern Railway but also celebrates the North East’s position as the place where the passenger railway was created.

The museum is located along part of the historic Stockton Darlington route, the world’s first public railway. The ceremonial opening on 27 September 1825 was the first occasion on which a steam locomotive was used to haul passengers on a public railway. The locomotive, Stephenson's Locomotion No1, is displayed at the museum.

The new railway soon proved to be a success - the improved transport routes substantially reduced the price of coal. After several years the economic potential for carrying passengers was evident and passenger services were introduced in 1833.

Darlington went on to become a major centre of the railway engineering industry, which expanded from its origins in North East England to cover the globe.

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