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Dial Cottage

Tyne and Wear


The grade II* listed Dial Cottage on Great Lime Road, West Moor, Killingworth is renowned as the home of the engineer George Stephenson. He took up residence in 1803 and the family lived there until 1823.

A sundial above the front door, which gives the cottage its name, was designed by George’s son Robert, and built by George and Robert in to the wall, above the doorway, of the two storied extension to the west of the original cottage.

Their residence here encompasses the most formative years of early locomotive development, including building and testing the innovative pioneering locomotive ‘Blucher’ along the neighbouring waggonway in 1814 and concluding with the establishment of the world’s first purpose built locomotive manufacturing works at South Street in Newcastle.

It is also the period when George was carrying out his development work on the first miner’s safety lamp and Robert was beginning on a career which would see him become one of the world’s leading 19th century engineers.

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