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The smoggy chimney stacks of Teesside are an enduring image of this area of the North East that, since the mid-1800s, has been a centre for heavy industries exploiting the landscapes rich natural resources. But these traditional heavy industries, most famously chemical and steel manufacturing, are giving way to industry of the future - digital media and technology.

Facing on to the back of the railway station in Middlesbrough, Boho One is a standard-bearer of this emerging industry. Designed and purpose-built to support the creative talent coming from Teesside University and across the North East, it is set up to give entrepreneurs a creative place and support that nurtures their talent into business.

In an area previously labelled the ‘wrong’ side of the track, this building marks the beginning of the Boho Zone, a business area being developed to foster digital technology companies and shape this industry of the future.

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