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These 100 places tell a story of the North East of England. A story of extraordinary creativity and imagination and of a people who have carved a place in history as innovators and entrepreneurs.

The story begins over 1,300 years ago when the North East became a region in its own right. Christianity had arrived and with it an explosion of art and innovation so exceptional that it put the Region on the map. History since has shown us to be a Region of industry, engineering and the arts, trailblazing the way on a number of occasions with world and national firsts. We have shaped society from this corner of England.

Heritage enthusiasts from across the Region have nominated the 100 places they feel show the North East's defining moments. We have been surprised by new discoveries and looked anew at old favourites. There have been many, many discussions about what makes the list and what does not.

Ours is a rich heritage and we are sure there are places we have missed. So we invite you to debate, explore, visit or revisit the places we've chosen. And we challenge you to think about what would appear in your story of the North East. We hope you have as much fun drawing up your list as we've had in compiling ours!


This project was initiated and led by the North East Historic Environment Forum a group of heritage organisations who work together to encourage a collaborative and consistent approach to the management of the Region's heritage.

Our historic environment (including museum collections, historic buildings, monuments, gardens and landscapes) represents the very fabric of the North East and provides an important asset for both current and future generations alike. Heritage attractions form an important part of the local economy (including through tourism and employment) and the rejuvenation of historic places provides a positive and distinctive focus for regeneration and the long term benefits which this brings. Ultimately we work to ensure that we preserve the best of our heritage as inspiration for the future.

This project has been conceived as a response to the Festival of the North East (June 2013), to celebrate the innate innovative and creative spirit of the North East.

The project is a culmination of the input of many experts and enthusiasts who have trawled the Region from Tweed to Tees contributing their time and expertise and enthusiasm. Particular thanks go to the project group Ian Ayris, Bill Griffiths, John Grundy, Nicola Harrison, Kate Percival, Anna Siddall and Geoff Underwood and to Emily Allen and members of the Twentieth Century Society for additional input and support.


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